Scientists claim fat-free milk could relieve constipation

Full-fat milk may be associated with constipation but new research suggests that drinking fat-free milk could be a way of solving irregularity problems. Writing in Nutrition a group of Turkish scientists investigated the effects of fat-free milk supplementation on constipation and levels of motilin and ghrelin – both of which affect intestinal mobility. Studies have…

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Alkaline Water Research On Longevity And Increased Lifespan

Alkaline Water Research, New long-term study on alkaline water discovers that Alkaline Water Provides higher longevity in terms of “deceleration aging factor” and longer lifespan. Alkaline Water Research Summary and Results; Alkaline Water is safe to consume long-term Alkaline Water provides higher longevity, “deceleration aging factor” Alkaline Water results in longer lifespan Alkaline Water Research…

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