Alkaline Water Myth

alkaline water myth

You may have watched the latest “Alkaline Water Myth Video” attempt to discredit Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water from Markus Roth Krantz and James Sloane “scientific expert”. When watching something like this, based on some of my own persecutory experiences the following questions pop into my head; Have either of them ever used, tested or met…

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Alkaline Water Review Is It Really Anti-Aging?

alkaline water is it really anti aging

Does Alkaline Water Really Work? And Is It Anti-Aging? Discover the Alkaline Water Secret! Free Ebook Please enter a valid email address. Get My Free Ebook Something went wrong. Please check your entries and try again. What if you could feel energy and life flowing through your veins and possibly even feel more well, energetic…

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Chanson Water Ionizer Customer Testimonial – Joyce


Hi John Just to let you know that since installing my Chanson Water Ionizer, my domestic help, Joyce, has also been drinking the alkaline water, and she doesn’t drink very much of it, she still has to learn to drink more water.  Nevertheless, she’s been drinking the water for about 3 weeks now and she…

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