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Why You Cant Afford Not To Drink Designer Water


Wouldn’t it be nice to drink water that hydrates better than “regular” water and can assist your body to fight off disease? The reality is that there are lots of “health” and “enhanced” waters out there that promise to hydrate you and improve your quality of life, but the sad reality is that most don’t…

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Value your health and longevity? Get REAL water today


Value your health and longevity? Get REAL water today Put important minerals BACK into your body Purified water has been absorbing your body’s minerals. Designer Water puts them back! Why is alkaline water better than purified water? What you’ve been told about mineral water is NOT TRUE. Switch to Alkaline water and notice the difference…

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Alkaline Water Acid Reflux Cure


Find Out How Alkaline Water can Treat Acid Reflux Acid reflux occurs when food and acid from the stomach flows up the oesophagus (the tube that carries food, liquids and saliva from your mouth to the stomach). The symptoms can cause considerable discomfort. If left unattended over long-term exposure, stomach acids can contribute to deterioration…

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Micro Clustered Water Explained, How Can It Benefit You?

micro clustered water

What is Micro clustered water? Water coming from a Chanson Ionizer was tested at the prestigious Tsinghua University (Taiwan) and found to measure 47.82 Hz which happens to be the smallest cluster of H2O molecules ever tested and verified by a 3rd party. This kind of water has the following characteristics; high-reduction power or (Negative…

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