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Top 11 Foods that Have High Alkaline Content

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Everything around us is either acidic or high in alkaline, whatever it is, living or non-living, it will only fall on these two categories. Human beings were designed to consume alkaline based foods because the ph level of our blood is determined by the food we eat. Humans are alkaline organisms. Thus, if our blood…

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15 things you need to do now for a healthier and wealthy body

Here are 15 things you already know that you should really just go ahead and start practicing now, because the older version of yourself will be eternally grateful if you do. For that matter, everyone will be glad you did. 1. Move your body. You can’t underestimate the power of experiencing the strength of your…

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Why you need your own Alkaline Water Filters

Alkaline Water in the Body Alkaline water is simply water that has no acids. It is water that has a pH value that is greater than seven on the pH scale.  Did you know that alkaline water is as good as the many other nutritious foods that are needed by the human body? Nutritionists advise…

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Amazing Benefits of Alkaline Water

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Most people believe that alkaline water has plenty of health-enhancing advantages like weight loss, blood pressure reduction, detoxification, and bone health improvement. Some credits micro-clustering while others credit molecular hydrogen as the reasons why alkaline water works great for you. But according to actual research, the benefits that you get from alkaline water originate from…

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