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david wolfe

David Wolfe – Alkalize Your Body and Fight Disease with THESE 10 Foods

By John Thompson | Dec 13, 2017

Life is all about balance. Balancing work and play, family and friends, saving and splurging, and let’s not forget about balancing healthy food with the occasional treat. Balance is also key when it comes to the body’s pH levels. The Alkaline Diet Just like measuring the pH level in your pool to make sure things…

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Acid and alkaline foods and how they affect alkalinity

Acid and alkaline foods and how they affect alkalinity

By John Thompson | Dec 11, 2017

The main concept behind alkalinity and your body is to maintain a balance of pH in the foods that you eat. The human body is slightly alkaline and therefore it is better for your health to eat a diet composed of alkalizing foods. When you eat too many acidic foods, your system becomes unbalanced and…

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pH Meter Principle

Working Principle of pH Meter | pH Meter Principle

By John Thompson | Oct 1, 2017

What Is The pH Meter Principle? Working principle of pH sensor electrode and pH meter used in quality control and manufacturing area. A pH meter is used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of the solution. pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. A solution containing more H+ ions remains acidic while…

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water alkalizer machine

Water Alkalizer Machine And ORP Explained

By John Thompson | Sep 16, 2017

In the next article, we are going to discover what is a water alkalizer machine and how it relates to the benefits of ORP. This article was first written by Ian Blair Hamilton from Ion Life. Before you decide whether you should continue reading. Ask Yourself the following question. Is a 20 Minute Read Worth…

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mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet and alkaline water linked to reduced reflux symptoms

By John Thompson | Sep 10, 2017

New study links the Mediterranean diet to reduced reflux symptoms Consuming a plant-based Mediterranean diet and drinking alkaline water may be just as effective at controlling reflux symptoms as conventional medication, according to a new study published Thursday in the Journal of the American Medical Association Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery. Researchers examined the symptoms of…

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Alkaline Water May Assist With Treating Your Diabetes

Alkaline Water May Assist With Treating Your Diabetes?

By John Thompson | Sep 7, 2017

Can You Imagine AWorld Without Disease? Or At Least Without Diabetes? Now, I know the above heading sounds crazy, but the facts are that there are populations from around the world that have virtually no diseases, especially not diabetes. After my own struggle with my health, I decided just over 6 years ago that I…

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ray kurzweil answers alkaline water questions

Ray Kurzweil Answers Alkaline Water Questions – Expert Opinion

By John Thompson | Jun 11, 2017

Ray Kurzweil answers alkaline water questions. He has been referred to as the ultimate thinking machine. PBS included Kurzweil as one of 16 “revolutionaries who made America” and Inc Magazine called him Thomas Edison’s rightful heir. He has received twenty-one honorary doctorates, and honors from three U.S. presidents. Kurzweil has been described as a “restless…

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distilled water

Why Distilled Water And Reverse Osmosis Are Bad For You

By John Thompson | Jun 6, 2017

Distilled Water and Reverse Osmosis produced Purified Water may not be as good for you as you think. Dr Zoltan P. Rona MD, MSc, shares his experience with different types of drinking water over the last 19 years. During nearly 19 years of clinical practice, I have had the opportunity to observe the health effects of…

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What is an Ozonator?

By John Thompson | Jun 1, 2017

What Does an ozonator do? An Ozonator is a device that produces Ozone. What is Ozone?  Ozone is an unstable trivalent oxygen molecule (O3)—said to be “unstable” because it readily decomposes to ordinary oxygen, which means for maximum effectiveness it must be manufactured “on site” for specific applications. This also means it doesn’t build up…

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